Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Will the cloned dog look the same as the original?

The clones should look identical or similar. Sometimes the color might be off a bit or the clone may be slightly different in size but overall the clone will be genetically the same.

My dog has just died but I don't have money for cloning at this time. Can I save his cells now and keep them for cloning later?

Yes. You can save dogs cells now and keep them for cloning at a later time.

How much does it cost to clone my dog?

It is currently $50,000 to clone your dog.

How long would it take to clone my dog?

It take about 6 months to one year to clone your dog.

Where will my dog be cloned?

Your dog will be cloned in Seoul Korea or in the USA depending on which cloning company you choose.

Who do I contact if I want to clone my dog?

You can contact me by clicking here.

Will my dog act the same?

Your dogs personality are influenced by its experience and surroundings. If the cloned dog is raised in the same surroundings and treated the same way then chances are that it's personality will be similar or close to it. However, there is also a chance that it will act completely different.

Is it better to save my dogs Live Tissue while its still alive or after my dog has passed?

It's better to save to Live tissue while your dog is still alive. That way better quality cells are extracted. By doing it after your pet has passed is not recommended as cells begin to deteriorate after death. Also when your dog passes, the last thing you want to do is scramble to order the Biopsy kit. You'll be in mourning and i'm sure you'll want to spend that precious little time holding and hugging your dog while the body is still warm.

Can my dog be cloned from DNA, hair or a tooth?

No. At this time Cloning can only be done with live tissue taken from your dog while it is still alive or within 5 days after the death of your pet.

Can I clone my dog from Placenta taken from birth or from ovaries taken while my dog has been spayed?


Will the dog clone act the same as the original dog?

We are the sum of our experiences. Our personality is unique to our individual selves. It is our past experiences that shape who and what we are today. The books we read, the movies we watch, the things we’ve done and the mistakes and decisions we make are part of who we are today. The way our parents raised us and the environment we grew up in play a big role in what we eventually become. The same holds true for dogs. If the new clone grows up in the same environment as the original dog than the personality will be the same or closely similar.
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With so much we have yet to understand how do we know if the souls of our beloved pets are not with us. Who’s to say that love is just as powerful after death than in life? That the soul of your lost pet is gone forever or perhaps reborn in their clone. Do I personally believe that the soul of my dog Wolfie will be reborn in in her clone? I don't know..