Am I Happy

Dog Cloning. These are the two original dogs before I cloned them.
The original Wolfie and Bubble that I cloned.
Four cloned dogs.
I received two clones of Wolfie and two clones of Bubble.

Am I happy with my clones?

There are many people out there who would like to know if I'm satisfied with my clones. I get all kinds of questions from time to time. A lot of people want to know if the personalities of the clones are the same and if they are physically the same.
I like everyone to know that I am extremely happy with these clones. I wake up every morning with them kissing me awake and falling asleep with them at night. Yes, I am extremely satisfied and happy. I do sometimes forget that they are clones. They act and behave just like any other dog. But mostly it has given me back something I had lost.

My 4 clones
from Left to right: Wolfie Girl, Wolfie Bear, Bubble Rubble, Bubble Facer Broken Leg Faker.

I know a lot of people were shocked upon learning the amount of money I spent to clone them but I have received so much more in return. I do still miss the original Wolfie and Bubble and nothing could ever replace them. But these clones have come very close. I think of these clones mostly as their offspring. As if Wolfie and Bubble had puppies before they died. There are so many things that are so similar. So many traits in these clones that are exactly the same as the original. For the first time in a long time, I can continue living my life and pursue my goals. Some people think that I am unable to accept death. That I should accept it like everyone else and move on. The truth is that I am unlike everyone else. I accept death, create life and move on knowing that it is I who paves his own way. The final result is what I experience every morning waking up to joy and happiness and another promising day of love.

The hole in my heart has been filled, but of course, the scars of losing the originals will always remain. I now have two Wolfie clones and two Bubble clones. I love all four of them with all my heart. I often ask myself why I am so lucky to have received 2 clones of each. although all four clones have their own individual personalities, each and every one of them has so many traits and habits that are similar and at times exactly identical to the originals.
It is such a wonderful feeling to hold them, hug them, kiss them and look into their eyes and see, feel, and smell the exact same dogs I loved and cloned.